Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Lines of all sorts

As inpatient as I can be sometimes, lines don't bother me.

Throughout my life, I have stood in lines for numerous events.

This past weekend, I stood in line for 90 minutes at the Haunted Hayride portion of The Trail of Terror. Add another 30 minutes for the Haunted Maze and that tallies up to a lot of time that may or may not have been used for something more productive.

Never mind the times I have stood in Ticket Master lines for concert tickets, waiting to enter those same concerts, long lines for movies which were more than likely overhyped and insanely long lines during numerous Christmas shopping trips. Lines of people don't bother me too much any more.

So when a co-worker explained that he might not vote due to the fact that the last time he voted, he waited over 2 hours in line, the whole office was on him like stink on shit. His excuses were flimsy to say the least. Complaining of only one polling place in his neighborhood, (do you want one on every block?) he went as far to say that the city of 20,000 he lives in only had one polling place. In comparison, I live in a city of roughly the same size and there are seven, yes seven, polling places.

No matter what your excuse for not voting, it is a weak one. Can you not sacrifice a few minutes of being brainwashed by endless reality TV programs and the same rehashed 24-hour news to let your voice be heard. You can vote before, during or after work. You are entitled to get two hours off from work to vote. It is your right. Two hours PAID, actually.

Don't let this one be decided by your uncast ballot. Hit the polls and vote.

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