Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry speaks, has dignity

Kerry gave a great concession speech just minutes ago. He was positive and vowed to keep fighting. A sort of way to say that hope is still alive. He even chatted with Bush earlier today and stated that we need a united America.

I can only hope that Bush will listen. I hope that he will take to heart what it is that people want. I hope for a safe four years. I hope for a productive and healthy four years. I hope someone better is elected in four years. Who will the republicans push into the race in '08? Will it be Jeb Bush, John McCain or someone who would surprise everyone?

Will Gore or Hillary run in '08 for the democrats. Or will Edwards and/or Kerry try it again? We have two more years before all that excitement begins to ramp up so go about your business, America. Keep fighting for what you believe in and if you see a problem, do what you can to correct it.

Get involved and we'll see ya' later.

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