Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry concedes, states can fuck selves

After the news that Kerry conceded the presidential race to Bush, I feel that I might as well go ahead and post my last words as a free man before the cavalry rounds us up into vast prisons for speaking freely during the past four years.

First, the list of states that can, um, well, simply said, GO FUCK THEMSELVES!

-West Virginia
-North Carolina
-South Carolina
-Florida (They can fuck themselves twice just cause they REALLY suck)
-Texas (Three times 'cause Texas blows.)
-Texas (again)
-North Dakota
-South Dakota
-Texas (did I mention them?)And other states pending.

I'll be more than happy to now add the states which were pending...

Iowa (who the fuck needed these bunch of corn-fed pansy-asses anyhow? Go back to fornicating with farm animals.)
New Mexico (Enjoy hiding the aliens from Roswell while you can, we'll find those right after the weapons of mass destruction turn up behind the curtains of the oval office.)
Ohio (Sounds a bit like this year's version of Florida. Maybe it will fill with retirees who wear their pants far north of their intended location with the ever-present chance of deodorant an old-man armpit stench rubbing off on the waistband of the pants from the Sears clearance rack.)

Am I bitter, a bit.

Am I pissed off, you got it...

Am I worried?

Damn fucking straight. I am of draft age. Like a total dumbass, I registered with selective service when I was 18 because I cared about our country. I still do, but it has been diminished in the past four years - especially today.

I am worried that our environment will fall apart in the next four years. It already is to a point. I am worried about what INSANE military move (abroad or at home) Bush and his strong-armed cronies will make next. What freedoms will vanish next? We all know, deep inside, that it is real. I fear about will run in 2008. I will be 29 years old then - if I miraculously make it to that age and through four more years of the Bush dictatorship.

When will we be attacked next? And how will Bush react this time? Will we bonb France to avert the evils of fried foods and pastries?

I am also fired up and depressed at the same time. Wrap your minds around that.

Will this blog continue? Fuck yeah it will.

What will this blog continue as? A bit less politics, a bit more news, a bit more personal life and humor. Personal life should be interesting. Closing in on two months of married life already and thinking about buying a house. Stay tuned for that if we can afford both a house AND health insurance. Don't even get me started about health insurance.

My beliefs, you ask? I am more in the minority than ever before. I found out that I live in a vast republican stronghold full of conservative and mainly religious (lutheran) moms and dads who commute many miles in minivans and SUVs to stuffy office jobs while on the way dropping off their 2.2 kids at daycare only to return 9 hours later to their $345,000 house with 4 bedrooms, 5 baths and 2,200 square feet of living space. In short, I live in hell.

My struggle is to change that.

Will I survive four years? I think I will.

Will I fight every day? Yep.

Will I tell you about it? You can be sure of it.

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