Monday, November 29, 2004

House hunt hits the fast lane

We are rushing into adulthood. Saturday morning we arose from our early slumber to shop for houses. It was our second trip in the search but our first one knowing exactly what was on the market.

We awoke to find the ground covered with snow, too, for the first time this winter season. It is around the usual time for the first accumulating snowfall in this part of Minnesota.

As we hit the road that morning, anxiously eating our McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, we discussed the possibilities of what that day's search would turn up. We don't appear, on the outside, to be overly anxious about purchasing a house but are anxious about leaving behind apartment living. The cramped lifestyle of living in a two bedroom apartment is beginning to eat away at our layers of patience.

All told, we checked out six properties. They ranged from being in desperate need of a demolition crew to new construction. We, of course, are teetering in between the two categories. New construvtion is nice but seems too sterile and simply isn't our style. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am no construction worker or carpenter. I do enjoy working with my hands but this "fixer-upper" would need a complete overhaul before any of our possessions would even enter the house.

We have narrowed our possibilities down to two houses which are about 25 miles and $40,000 apart. We are favoring the cheaper of the two because it is the nicer home. It is immaculate from top to bottom. It has a certain character and is just plain enormous. It ends up totalling just over 2,000 finished square feet with the unfinished basement having another 1,000 square feet available of which I can envision my home theatre occupying about 1/3 of that space. The remainder would make an excellent storage space with room left for a nice-sized bathroom and an exercise area.

I am beginning to get more excited at the prospect of owning such a fantastic house. It would be amazing to be moving into our very own house in a couple of months. And as an added bonus we would be a bit further away from the hustle of the immediate Twin Cities area without being too far away to keep our jobs. It is the perfect compromise. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this small town has some sort of high-speed internet service available. Without it, I would truly be crippled.

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