Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Gays, guns and God

The 3 G's won the election for the republicans. Are these the big issues in America right now? No. In case you noticed there is a war happening in Iraq. A war that needs to come to an end. We have a president who has a history of handing out tax cuts to large corporations while those same corporations export jobs to foreign lands and slash benefits and wages at home. We have a health care crisis. I pay $460 per month in health care premiums for myself and my wife. Is that expensive? For two people with mediocre care at best, yes, it is.

They (republicans) gained a bit of a majority in the house of representatives.

In two years, the midterm elections roll around. The battle can't stop now. We are fighting to regain balance in America. It isn't about who wins or loses in '06, it is about obtaining a balance in the house and senate. There will be supreme court appointments in the upcoming four years, do we want an ultral conservative court ruling our land? No.

Fight for a balance. Support the party of your choosing and democrats and independents - UNITE. You are fighting for a common goal - diversity. We have two years and I am going to recant what I said earlier, politics will not appear in a lesser quantity here. I am fired up, this election taught me something. I learned that in losing, there is a victory. The actual election went smoothly and was kept clean, the campaigning was dirty but even with that, it was a very close election. The battle was fought and the next one is that much more important. This year showed that grassroots organizations can make a difference. MoveOn and ACT made a difference. They got people out to vote. They called, ran ads, distributed signs and made sure the polls were balanced.

Two years may seem like a long time but in just over a year, the next round of elections will be close. 2006. Remember that number. Help regain balance and equality and set things up for a strong run in 2008. Those are the next goals.

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