Friday, November 12, 2004

Firefox burns IE

Finally, an alternative for the PC version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. At work and home, now, I have PC's and am terribly displeased with the performance and security holes and general clunkiness of IE. At my previous job, I worked on a Mac and was pleased with my selection of browsers. I had Netscape 4 & 6 installed, Opera and IE. I almost always used Netscape 6. It had the tabbed browsing feature, ran alright on OS 9.X and supported what I needed to get done in the way of print design and my website maintenance duties.

At home, now, there is the wife's iMac which has Safari as a browser. It kicks ass. But tonight, I will download Firefox for my PC which resides next to that cool-ass iMac. I use my PC generally to surf the web, take care of finances and play a few games. Nothing too important to be sure but Firefox is getting some great reviews and I will do anything to bring Microsoft down a couple notches. Bastards.

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