Friday, November 05, 2004

Dreams, odd expressions of the subconscious

Maybe it should be taken as a sign. Maybe I had a tad too much jambalaya courtesy of Zatarain's lovely boxed rice mixes last night. Maybe, just maybe, I have a rather odd disorder which causes me to have rather odd dreams.

Last night I dreamt of a great, horrific, severe thunderstorm which based on the events of it, must have happened around this current time of year.

The sky turned a bright shade of yellowish-orange and as the rain thundered down, it turned most everything it hit yellow. It looked as if it was raining paint but it was something different. I remember running for the cover of my parent's garage overhang from the back side of their house. Someone driving a black Jeep Grand Cherokee backed into their driveway and parallel parked the now yellow and black Jeep between two undiscernable trees in the front yard close to the road.

I noticed a couple of yellow blotches on my orange polo shirt and thought it was ruined forever. As the rain let up I noticed that the entire lawn was a bright yellow and the color was beginning to run from the top two-thirds of the Jeep parked nearby. It left a slimy residue and my brother in-law stepped out (he drives a Chevy S-10 ZR-2 which is red in color) and skidded across the slimy residue covering my parent's lawn.

The next frame which comprised the dream was that of police cars which donned blades like would be attached to the rear of a tractor's 3-point hitch to scrape dirt or gravel. The difference being that they were scraping away the residue from the storm. The winding streets surrounding the neighborhood (my parents live on a straight gravel road with no roads, streets or neighbors nearby) were nearly covered with whole pumpkins and squash of all colors and varieties as well as the messy remnants of the annihilated and shredded and smashed slime which would result from their insides,

This is where the dream ends. The cleanup after the storm. Just what does this all mean? Am I excited for Thanksgiving? Fearful of a disaster of a dinner? Dreading the impending discussion about whose Thanksgiving to attend?

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