Thursday, November 04, 2004

Candidates for 2008, only 4 years away

The ink is still drying on the election of 2004 and already some are asking questions of who will run in 2008. Is that a statement that we are anxious for the future or that Bush is seen as a lame-duck, puppet of a president? Whatever the case, there are some interesting ideas put forth by that wack-job Tim Russert of NBC.

MSNBC: What do you think the political landscape will look like in 2008?

Russert: I think we’re going to have two open primaries. I believe Hillary Clinton will run for president. I think John Edwards will run. I think Howard Dean will run. I think Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, will run.

On the Republican side, I think John McCain will run at age 72. Rudy Giuliani will run. Bill Frist, the Majority leader of the Senate, will see Giuliani and McCain — two moderate Republicans — and he’ll run to the right. I think there will be Republican governors who will run. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can change the constitution, he’ll run.


david said...

whack-job? he may get a bit giddy with his dry-erase board and electoral math, but he is far shy of a whack-job. those seem like fairly reasonable predictions. But would anyone have predicted four years ago that dean and edwards would have run? or clark? its still a little too early. (is two years in the senate enough for obama to kick off a presidential campaign? please say yes)

Brian said...

Yea, a bit early for Obama to run, more likely to happen in 2012 if we are unfortunate enough to get another republican's in '08. Russert is still a whack job though. I'll take dry, old Bob Schieffer any day in a battle of the Sunday morning political hosts.