Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bush attempts to repair relations

W. has made his way to Ottawa, Canada today to try to repair years of strained relations with our neighbor to the north. Canada, like much of the world in general, has been opposed to the United States' foreign policies including the invasion of Iraq. The past four years have been a trying time for the U.S. as we have found ourselves with fewer and fewer friends after each half-assed idea Bush carries out.

I can only hope that he is more than just talk in his trip to Canada. I pray, too, that at some point - sooner rather than later - Bush realizes that he has made mistakes. Maybe he will fall and bump his head causing him to go back on nearly everything he has done in the previous four years. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and realize that the last four years were just a dream.

Not a chance, last night I realized that our checking account has only $156. The last four years did truly happen. Who am I kidding, I have absolutely no faith in much of anything anymore except that the amount of money I take home from my job each month will shrink and the amount of money I pay out will continue to increase.

That, my friends, is being cynical.

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