Monday, November 15, 2004


It's been a wild day, and the same can be said for the weekend.

So far today, many of Bush's cabinet members have stepped down - bringing the grand total to 6 out of the total 15. To some, it can be seen as a unspoken sign of their confidence in the president's ability to serve a second term. I feel that at least a couple more will step down, too.

Over the weekend, the Minnesota Vikings blew their third straight - this time to the Green Bay Packers at storied Lambeau Field. It wasn't too much of a surprise to some, myself included. The Vikings have been known as of late to collapse in the midseason after starting strong. This year it was a 5-1 start, last year 6-0 - both losing skids started with a loss to the New York Giants. Coincidence?

We also held an early Thanksgiving dinner Saturday afternoon. Family was invited and we all checked out the hundreds of photos from our honeymoon and the wedding day. Pictures were traded just as much as stories and by 5 PM our place had cleared out, but not before my dad wisecracked that - with bunkbeds - the 5 bedroom house we will likely look at soon has enough room for 8 or more children. BUNK BEDS. I blurted that phrase out numerous times during the course of events later Saturday night and during the daylight hours of Sunday. What is he thinking? BUNK BEDS! No.

So that wraps things up for now. Resignations. A loss. BUNK BEDS. Turkey. Photos.

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