Monday, November 01, 2004

Alcoholic Halloween party

It all went down Saturday night like this.

Eight of us piled into my buddy's second car. That car is a late 80's or early 90's Ford LTD Crown Victoria. To say that it is a big car is an understatement. Eight costumed party-goers on their way to an interesting night.

We rolled into the dark and cold night with fearful minds. Fearful that if we got pulled over, we would have entirely too much explaining to do. Fearful that the car might simply fall apart with that many passengers in it. Fearful that a deer might broadside us and we wouldbe totally oblivious to the fact that a deer had hit us because the car is built frighteningly solid.

The good news is that we arrived alive and well. The bad news is that a man in his mid 20's wearing a female nurse costume walking into a bar in a town of a few hundred people gets some weird looks. What is even more puzzling are the looks I received wearing only the blonde wig portion of my costume at the local Target store earlier in the evning. What an uptight town I come from, scary indeed.

After a game of pool and a round of drinks, we were on our way via a two-block walk back to the party.

To sum things up, I plugged in my iPod and cranked the tunes. I think that most people even liked them. I heard no complaints so either people liked the music or were oblivious to the fact that music was actually playing. Either way that part of the night was cool.

Another problem about a man wearing a female nurse costume is that one's drunken friends always have the need to unzip the dress-type thing or look up the skirt portion which was EXTREMELY short considering it was only a size Large and I wear a men's XL when it comes to shirts. Short was an understatement as the dress-type thing made it only a couple inches past the waistband of my underwear. Thank God for boxers which ties back into the trip to Target.

The refreshments for the evening would be Wop (sp?). If you are unfamiliar, the base for the punch is simply fruit punch poured into a 20-gallon plastic tub. It's the ingredients that get added later which cause the trouble. Imagine multiple liters of vodka, rum, schnaaps, triple sec, a six-pack of beer and whatever else happens to make its way into the tub being consumed during casual conversation and drinking games by a bunch of costumed friends. That makes for an interesting evening to say the least.

Toss in the infamous jello shots made by the female half of the hosting couple and it can be downright interesting. Although unlike previous years, no one ended with a butt-crack full of frosting. As we get older, we become more tame but that didn't stop us from being borderline psychotic throughout the evening and calling an out-of-town friend to harrass him and poke fun at him for being in Wisconsin for the weekend.

By 2 AM I, along with most other in attendance, was thoroughly drunk. So the clowns piled back into the car and made our way back to town feeling nauseaus but giddy and boisterous. We bounded down the same roads which led us to the party and retired for the evening.

NOTE: Large quantities of Wop (sp?) may lead to severe headache the folowing. Wop may also lead to extreme quantites of acid in one's stomach.

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