Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What to do next week

I have a whole laundry list of things to do next week.

First off, I want to cover the globe with my pictures from Halloween weekend. Those should spark plenty of conversations - both good and bad.

Secondly, Tuesday is election day and I whole-heartedly plan to make my way to the polls before work to avoid what is predicted to be a mad rush of voters, many of which will have to register at the polling places. As a precursor to that, though, I intend to donate to the Democratic National Committee, earmarking it for Kerry of course, to ensure a number of things.

I want to watch the season premiere of a guilty pleasure, The OC, in an America headed for change.

I want to do the former while watching it in all of its wide-screen, HDTV glory as all shows should be seen. Trust me on this, after you've seen it you'll never go back to anything else again. All I have to do is figure out if cable of satellite is best. I am leaning towards satellite because cable companies are evil, money-leeching whores.

So it all begins today. I'll donate to Kerry, recharge my camera's batteries, work on the TV things and set an alarm to get up early on Tuesday to vote.

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