Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What does the future hold?

I just listened to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and was smiling. Grinning, actually, from ear to ear. It brings back some great memories of attending numerous New Year's Eve parties one year and in one night, simultaneously dancing with a hundred or more people. Some times you just yearn for those good times to spontaneously return but you cannot live in the past. To be truly happy, you must create new memories every day. Maybe I am in a bit of a funk with a downtrodden outlook on the state of affairs.

I wonder if that someday I will be unable to afford the cost of a tank of gas - it spiked Monday afternoon at $2.09/gallon but has dropped a dime in places as of this morning.

I fear the prospect of our country as a whole being in more of a 'controlled' state than it already is. Removing your shoes at the Honolulu airport is a hassle but tracking chips on the products you buy and the Patriot Act's ability for police to open your mail, monitor your phone calls, internet habits and even your library habits - that's some scary stuff.

The prospect of a draft, as more and more people re-examine the outlook of joining the Army or other branches of the military - particularly the National Guard, seems to become more of a reality each day.

Then there is the state of citizens with polarized political views, the fact that these people hurl insults at someone with opposing views from their own - it's sad. We should be united towards a common goal, not torn down the middle and fighting over the fact that one man owns an SUV. Since when did what one candidate drives become an issue?

There are people in America with the brains to unravel the speeches and find the truth. They are the ones with the power to decide where this election is headed in 6 days.

In 6 days, maybe 7, we will have better idea of what the future holds for America. More war, more jobs, fewer taxes, different energy sources... only one week will tell.

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