Monday, October 18, 2004

Stewars says "DICK" on CNN

I live in a world lacking in cable due to monetary issues which may soon or may never be resolved. (Not enough dough). For once, this weekend (Friday, to be specific) would have been the time to watch the tube. I keep hearing accounts of Jon Stewart's appearance on teh CNN talk show, "Crossfire". Stewart made his presence and political views known as he called one of the hosts a "dick" after the host in question called Stewart John Kerry's "butt boy".

MSN has a quick account of the Friday appearance and I applaud Stewart for taking a stand and interjecting some life into the talk show universe.

I anxiously await for the day when Stewart moves his operation to CBS but will miss Letterman. It's a fair trade-off though. Dammit, I need to get satellite. I can only imagine how many other riveting tidbits like this I have missed in the past months.

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