Sunday, October 24, 2004

Spin is worth reading - even if you don't like music

I am so far behind on certain things. My reading of the two magazines I subscribe to being one of those things. Due to an electronics-related problem which began Friday night, I am without my living room TV and finally picked up the October issue of Spin.

It's packed with the usual reviews of up and coming bands and reviews of new CD, video games and movies but keeping with the theme of the election which is just over a week away, they have some fantastic coverage of musicians who are hitting the road to get voters out to the polls and raise money for the candidate of their choice to boot.

The Punkvoter booth made numerous stops along the path of the Van's Warped Tour this summer. Numerous punk bands manned the booths as well as preached from the stage to the young fans about the importance of voting as they backed the punk candidate of choice, Kerry.

Another feature focuses on the P. Diddy "Vote or Die" campaign to get urban voters out to the polls. The majority of those supporting Diddy's efforts back Kerry, too.

I haven't even finished this issue but the end of the pages are in sight. The only problem is that the latest issue of Rolling Stone arrived Saturday woth a huge picture of John Kerry emblazoning the cover. The headline snippets promise an interview with the man who I think will be the next president of the USA.

A couple nights of great reading are ahead of me before the election gets much closer.

More tomorrow on my reading, events from the weekend and my take on the day's events.

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