Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting feels heat, backs off

Sinclair Broadcasting has backed off on their airing of 'Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal', the Anti-Kerry film. The report from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune today states the following:

Under mounting political, legal and financial pressure, Sinclair Broadcast Group on Tuesday backed away from its plan to air a film attacking Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam record, saying it would use only portions of the movie in a special scheduled for Friday

Sinclair said it will produce "A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media," hosted by Jeff Barnd, an anchor at Sinclair's WBFF in Baltimore, using footage from "Stolen Honor" and other political documentaries while also examining allegations of media bias.

The company now maintains it never intended to air "Stolen Honor" in its entirety, although Sinclair commentator and Vice President Mark Hyman had told the Washington Post that the movie would air unless Kerry agreed to an interview, in which case only portions might run.

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