Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The problem with America: National Debt

Why is America in trouble?

Where to begin?

With so many possibilities on where to begin this rather lengthy explanation, I just may have to begin breaking down the entries as I have done before.

Let's just begin with the national debt.

Since Mr. Bush took office in January 2001, the federal debt has increased about
40 percent, or $2.1 trillion, to $7.4 trillion. Congress has raised the debt
ceiling three times in three years, raising it most recently by $984 billion in
May 2003.

How in the hell does a president get away with such an increase in spending like that and have a overall net loss of jobs in the country to show for it? He invaded a couple of countries which usually spurs some economic growth. Only this time it didn't because the war-time contracts went to companies with thies to Bush and his cronies.

How does our government get away with runaway spending like this? They, in my eyes, have little or nothing to show for it. Lost jobs, crumbling environment, lack of health care, dwindling social security... the list could go on for DAYS.

If only our nation were run like any other business. But then we would have been shut down many decades ago. Where does all of this spendng go? I think, as citizens and officially the CEOs of the government (our taxes fund it), we should be able to receive an annual report detailing where every last dollar went. These people are our employees, they work for US. It isn't the other way around. We pay taxes so they can build things to serve and protect our interests. If only it was treated more as a business things might run more smoothly.

I am not about privatizing things. That can have devastating effects as we saw with deregulation of public utilities in California and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which eventually allowed one company to own 1300 of the nation's radio stations.

It's time for an overhaul where the president isn't handing out no-bid contracts to his buddies. Make government accountable. Balance the budget and slash the debt. Clinton did it over the course of 8 years and created jobs. Sure, he had a little action on the side with that intern, but a man's private life should not register with his job performance.

Fix government. Cut military spending. End the occupation of Iraq.

Cut the debt.

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