Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lend a hand

The last 12 days of campaigning are here. The mud is flying but the truth is out there (just like in the posters shown at the beginning of "The X-Files") and has the ad that will seal the deal.

It throws no mud, distorts nothing, it simply tells the truth about a mother's loss of her son in Iraq as footage cuts to Bush in a slide show shown during a presentation looking under his desk and behind curtains in the oval office for WMDs. The woman featured in the ad goes on to state that her son died looking for WMDs.

Make no joke, this ad tells it like it is. Bush jokes about his mistakes, people laugh but our sons and daughters suffer, are injured and die.

Help today by contributing. Get this ad on the air over the weekend and the public can see just how seriously our president treats things. No joke. We are in a war, people are dying, Bush needs to be shown to the door.

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Rick said...

Not enough people understand that our young people are actually dying. Moveon is a great site to learn about the issues and do something.

I see that you are from Minnesota. I am a bit father west than you... in North dakota.

PS- I linked to you