Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry asks for rebuttal time

Senator (and presidential candiate) John Kerry has decided to ask for rebuttal time on the Sinclair Broadcasting stations (62 of them) which will apparently still be airing the documentary entitled "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal".

Those interviewed in the film are Vietnam Vets who served alongside Kerry. The whole premise behind the film seems to be that the vets feel that Kerry's testimony before congress in 1971 lengthened their time as prisoners of war in Vietnam.

It seems that the filmmakers and these veterans are still living in 1971. I do feel compassion for veterans but these were more than likely people who didn't want to be in Vietnam to begin with. Their motives are simply to try to harm someone's livelyhood who they feel harmed them. Maybe it did lengthen their time as prisoners, 33 years ago. I fail to see how a man's testimony plays into his bid for president.

Explain for me if you care to.

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