Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Former Marine won't vote Bush again

In today's issue of the City Pages, a former Marine from the Twin Cities area explains why he won't be voting for Bush in November.

The veteran was deployed to Iraq to gain intelligence before the Iraqi invasion in 2003 and saw the major events that took place.

Just after President Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" and the end of major combat operations, I was sent home because it looked like things were going to settle down, and my wife was pregnant and had some pregnancy issues. That was pretty much the end of my combat phase of the war, but the war was not over for me at that time. When I came back, I was still serving as an intelligence officer. My job was to support the troops in Iraq by putting together a lot of reporting from agencies and assets, and helping in an intelligence capacity through the computer and by communicating with the troops
on the ground. It was also my job to call families when there were casualties--not deaths but injuries. That is a story that hasn't really been reported. You don't see those numbers. But there are now over 10,000 young Americans whose lives are forever changed by the injuries sustained

After seeing the falling support of Iraqis for the invasion and 'liberation' of their country by mainly American forces, his eyes were opened. He is now helping in the bid to elect John Kerry president and has been since only a day after having reconstructive knee surgery done and being discharged from the Marines.

It is a story much like many other soldiers and I know we will hear many stories much in the same tone as the trickle of returning soldiers continue and the horror stories are told.

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