Friday, October 15, 2004

FCC supports airing of anti-Kerry film

From Wired News...

Equal Time?

The FCC has turned down a request from 18 senators and 85 representatives to investigate Sinclair Broadcast's plans to air a documentary critical of Sen. John Kerry two weeks before the election. "Don't look to us to block the airing of the program," said FCC chairman Michael Powell. "I think that would be an absolute disservice to the First Amendment." Sinclair wants its 62 TV stations, many in swing states, to show the film, which accuses Kerry of betraying Vietnam vets by testifying against the war. Democrats say the program is a political statement masquerading as news, and that it violates rules requiring equal air time for candidates. More than 80 percent of political donations made by Sinclair executives in the last 11 years have gone to Republicans, according to PoliticalMoneyLine. Sinclair earlier refused to air a Nightline program showing names and photographs of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq.
-- Debra Jones

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