Friday, October 15, 2004

A farewell weekend

Tomorrow we make the trek back to my hometown. We will see my parents and friends but the main purpose is to bid a friend farewell as he ships out for Iraq around the beginning of November.

He flew in to the Twin Cities on Sunday night for a two-week leave for what he knew was going to be his final time to see his friends and family before leaving for Iraq. Army Guy has been station at Fort Dix in New Jersey since just after Memorial Day all the while knowing his ultimate destination.

I will be there to show support for a good friend of mine and the rest of the military who is in Iraq. In no way am I supporting what they are doing but even those who are against the occupation of Iraq, like me, have no choice of where they go once they have enlisted in the Army or National Guard. It's alot like the old adage, love the sinner - hate the sin. I have more than just this one friend who is in the military but I am totally against the position our government has put them in. They are occupying a country whose citizens obviously want no part of being 'liberated'. Would citizens who want democracy let insurgents fire mortars, explode car bombs and execute America's soldiers who are simply in Iraq because our government told them to be there?

If we pull out of Iraq, will it make America look weak? Possibly. Will the rest of the world think less of us? Maybe. Will they respect us if we, as a country, say that we followed incorrect intelligence and are making an effort to correct our mistakes? They might.

It all boils down to the fact that we invaded a country which, unlike in the first Gulf War, hadn't made any sort of aggressive move towards its neighbors. They hadn't threstened America directly. They were not the country which harbored the families of the supposed 9/11 hijackers. The country where the majority of hijackers was from is none other than Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden, their purported leader, is from there too but now supposedly makes his residence in Afghanistan - where we SHOULD be running the manhunt rather than slaughtering citizens of a country who did nothing more than have a cruel leader by the name of Saddam Hussein.

Is it the duty of the USA to install leadership in other countries which follows the same vein of beliefs and leadership as that of our leaders? Is that truly the definition of 'liberation'? No.

So I will suck it up, keep my opinions inside for a couple days and wish Army Guy the best. I hope and pray that he comes home alive and before the scheduled date for the end of his tour of duty. We will once again raise our glasses and have a drink together as we have one common goal - to see our friend again, alive and well.

Good luck.

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