Monday, October 18, 2004

Farewell, soldier

We were back in my hometown this weekend. As I described on Friday, it was to send off Army Guy who will be leaving for Iraq in just over a week. As we drank beer on Saturday night at a friend's house, I headed outside to sit and talk for a few minutes with Army Guy. He simply siad he just wants to get over there, do his time and get the hell out. He's been stationed in Fort Dix, New Jersey since Memorial Day and is sick of 'waiting in the wings' for something he said he really doesn't want to do. Over the months he's been gone he sold his car as he no longer needs it. I got married. Things have changed but many things have stayed the same.

My wife is still looking for work. She's been looking for a job since December of 2003 with absolutely no luck. Does the occupation of Iraq have anything to do with a lack of entry-level jobs? It mjust might as so many companies have downsized and hundreds of thousands of the nations twenty-somethings are serving in the military in Iraq.

My wife doesn't want to see Army Guy go to Iraq. I don't want him to go. I've only known him for four years but it seems like we went to school together. I keep telling myself he'll be home in six months. I know what it would take for that to happen. If a certain president of the United States gets re-elected, it will likely be 18 months or longer before we see him again. I hate to drag politics into everything but when it really does tie into things in my daily life such as the safety of a friend, so be it.

Army Guy will be alright. We'll be greeting him back to my hometown in a few months. He'll be back in time for our Fourth of July celebration next summer. I can keep believing that, can't I?

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