Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate about the debate

Today I feel like playing a two part role in the debate about last night's debate between what could possibly be two co-workers with opposing views. D is the democratic leaning employee and R is the republican leaning employee.

R: "Did you see the debate last night?" Bush sure wiped the floor with that stale looking Kerry."

D: "No way! Kerry won that whole thing hands down. He was calm, reitterated his points and even managed to stump Bush a few times with questions he couldn't answer."

R: "But Bush is sooo charming. He's the type of guy you could sit on your deck with and split a six-pack of Lone Star."

D: "More like bong a 12-pack of Lone Star with. Is some slack-jawed, good ole' boy the guy we really want leading our country? I know I don't."

R: "He's likeable, he is an average guy. That's why he won the election in 2000."

D: "I thought we were talking about the debate from last night but since you brought up the 2000 election, Gore won the popular vote and Bush's brother Jeb fixed a few things to make his brother win Florida."

R: "No way. That sort of thing only happens in commie countries. Bush won in 2000, he won last night and he'll win in November. The polls already say so."

D: "I can't believe what I'm hearing. You really think a man of below-average intelligence who managed to run three companies and a Major League baseball team into the ground is fit to run our country for four more years? Look at the damage he's done already. Neither one of us can afford the company-funded health insurance."

R: "Well, at least we have jobs. We both started here about the same time. We make an alright wage."

D: "What is your definition of alright? I make $10.35 an hour. I don't get any paid vacation or sick time. For the love of god, I got fired from a good paying technical job manufacturing computer hard drives and now look at what I'm doing - I'm pushing pallets at Home frickin' Depot!"

R: "I make the exact same wage, too. I worked for my company's technical support call center but they closed it and moved it to Bangladesh or something. I'm not angry about it, Bush's tax cuts made getting this fine job at Home Depot possible. Sure the benefits aren't much but it puts food on the table."

D: "Exactly, Bush's tax cuts created jobs with no benefits and lower wages. Why does that make you happy?"

R: "He lived up to his promise. His tax cuts created jobs."

D: "Yea, right after his tax cuts allowed our former employers to move our jobs to Madagascar."

R: "Well, W is still gonna get my vote."

D: "This is hopeless, we have shelves to stock anyway."


See where this is going, neither candidate really had anything new and ground-breaking to say last night. Just like the two arguing coworkers, nothing new comes out of these debates. Although Kerry had a smooth showing and Bush continued to slouch and stammer, the candidates did little to change the opinions of the undecided voters. The next debate should be better. I agree with a number of opinions that Kerry did win last night. He had more than three points to talk about and stumped Bush a number of times. Bush's way of running the election on terrorism issues is wearing thin. People want a more rounded candidate. Kerry is that man.

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