Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate - 8 PM (CT) - BE THERE!

Tonight's final of three presidential candidate debates will focus around domestic policy. It is the fact the Bush will turn the debate towards the topic of terrorism that angers me greatly. I will watch the debate which begins locally (Twin Cities) on Channels 2,4,5,11 and 29 at 8 PM (CT) with interest to see which candidate sweats it the most and also to see which candidate brings up terror as part of domestic policy (My money's on Bush).

So far, Kerry has been the guy to take Bush's never ending tirade about terrrorism and veer his response towards other issues such as employment, the economy and even education which also effect our country. He is a more well-rounded candidate than Bush and his one-sided campaign.

As part of my never ending rage towards the never-ending talk of terrorism, I will handle things as follows...

1.) Watching for first signs of Bush slouching hideously as the podium or table.

2.) Laughing and then writing about Bush's glazed over looks as he struggles to understand the 5-plus character words Kerry uses.

3.) Mocking Bush's resemblance to a monkey by appropriately making monkey noises in response to his talk of terror (and nothing else).

4.) Ducking as Bush hurls feces (like a monkey).

I am unsure that things will go as far as number 4 but only time will tell.

(Time will also tell if I can cram into my schedule writing about the adventurous honeymoon in Hawaii which led to my absence and lack of informative (or not) writing here.)

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