Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cheney is a lifelong screw-up

It is something that anyone of at least mediocre intelligence and an open mind knew and was willing to accept. Cheney is far from an evil genius. He is far closer to Bush in levels of success and other matters than most would ever care to know.

Dick Cheney, like George W. Bush, has been busted for drunk driving. He has consistently lied about his business holding and ties. I could go on and on but instead will direct you to this fantastic story about the myth of Cheney.

And for those of you who want to disbelieve the arguments put forth in the article (be sure to read all four pages - links at bottom of page), slide on over to

Let the facts tell the story. It is also interesting to note that, after checking the facts, Kerry and Edwards haven't been too far away from the truth throughout the campaign season. Now, honestly, tell me who you would rather vote for?

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