Monday, October 25, 2004

Amateurish would be a compliment

I was flipping through channels on TV Friday night and happened across what was heavily debated in the past few weeks. The Sinclair Broadcasting 'news feature' about John Kerry. They had backed off on showing the entire 'Stolen Honor' documentary and repackaged some clips from it within a one-hour special masquerading as news.

At first, I thought I had happened upon something produced at my hometown PBS television station which is housed and run in a commmunity college. Then I realized that this set looked more like something a high-schooler would have constructed for a video project - without the help of his or her dad.

It was done in a poor manner, the five minutes I caught simply reaffirmed that. Even with one of their top anchors from a Baltimore station hosting it all, it lacked ethics and professionalism. The Slate review is even less flattering than my take on it.

Sinclair Broadcasting will never make waves in American news journalism with poorly produced and poorly researched programs like the one from Friday night. I doubt that it made much of an impact, if any.

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