Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A wedding we had

Guess what I did this weekend?

Bingo. If you read last week's final post you know all too well that I got married.

It turned out to be a fine day. The weather was nice. Everyone showed up. The band sounded great. The photographer kicked ass to work with and even bought me a beer as we ran into him at one of the town's bars a bit later in the afternoon.

Most everyone had a good time and we even received a fair amount of gifts with surprisingly few duplicates which is good news due to the fact that Target seems to change their return policy each time we return something we received. The first few times at Super Target they simply took the items back and gave us a gift card for the return amount. Another time at Target I had to use my drivers license to return things. This last time at Super Target we were told we could pick out something from the same department until we asked again about our gift registry. That changed things but was a rather large hassle to get an eleven-dollar gift card.

For the most part, returning things is done and now we have realized that we have ALOT of stuff. So much stuff that much of it is crammed into various closets which are overly stuffed with things that do not belong in closets.

We now begin the task of finding a bigger place to live. That should be entertaining to say the least.

I realize that the details of the wedding day are sketchy but what else do you want? We had turkey, ham, sweet corn, mashed potatoes, grave, stuffing, rolls and cake for the meal. We drank wine, beer and various combination of other liquor as well as the standard water, milk and coffee. We hit various bars befor and after eating. Pictures were taken in the basement of the church, the church itself, the bars and the nearby golf course as well as us cutting the cake and smashing it in each other's faces.

We had a great time. It was busy but worth it. We're married!

Back to normal now as I focus on the day to day things and calm back down. I also have to recover from the sleep deficit from the weekend. Those damned hotel beds are crap. Here's the deal with posting some of the snapshots... post a comment and I'll hit you back with a picture. Sound fair?


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