Tuesday, September 07, 2004

We weren't all that bad

As I hinted to during my last visit here, Saturday night brought about my bachelor party. It started early enough as we met up around 5 PM at my friend's apartment closer to the cities than I live.

By the time the eight o'clock hour came to a close, we had finished our fine dining experience at the area Hooter's restaurant where I was made to stand on my stool as the waitresses sang a song about me being a sucker but it was far less embarrassing than my good friend's bachelor party nearly a year earlier hwen he had a bucket placed on his head and a cold, fat hot dog put in his mouth. That's the definition of embarrassment.

From the restaurant we made the quick jaunt to the Minneapolis warehouse district and the quasi-famous bar, Brother's. Every college town in the upper midwest, it seems, has one. Known for a good crowd as the night goes on and low priced specials, we made this our home for the next couple hours. I was given glass after glass of various flavors of Bacardi and Coke in a short amount of time which I handled like a seasoned veteran.

In short time, Electronics Technician Guy decided that we needed to meander down the street to see a more 'adult" falvor of entertainment. Dream Girls is only about half of a block away and that was our next destination. Good friends paid my cover and bought my soda and I was in and ready to, again, be humiliated. Soon I was on stage being abused by strippers as they pounded themselves into my lap and breast-whipped my face. I received a polaroid picture of the embarrassment along with a t-shirt and a magazine. No, the magazine was not the latest issue of "Time".

Our money soon dried up as a good deal was spent on me but one friend in particular, Army Guy, spent everything he had in the way of cash only to realize that he would be tapped out for the next two weeks. Oh, well. What the hell is there to do on an Army base anyway?

We left to make our way back to Brother's where, earlier, two friends had made acquaintances with two German nannies who are living in the Twin Cities and now had met up with two women who were in town for the weekend from Missouri. The one who dished out his phone number gave the wrong number by mixing up two digits all due to his visibly drunken state.

All in all, most of us had a good time with the exception, from what I hear, of the best man. Oh well, it's all what you make of it and I had a good time but that's just one bachelor's opinion.

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