Friday, September 03, 2004

Sick of the convention

I was out sick yesterday but am back today which just so happens to be Friday. And for all you doubters out there, no I wasn't playing hooky from work yesterday, it was Thursday. What kind of dumbass would skip out on Thursday only to come back to wrap up the week which just so happens to lead into a three-day weekend. I had some throat issues which eleven hours of sleep seems to have taken care of but things have now meandered towards a mildly sniffly nose which I will tolerate but only until I can grab another eleven hours of shuteye tonight.

This whole wedding thing coming up coupled with the recent long hours at work may have played a part in the illness which happens to come on the week leading up to my bachelor party. I'll tear off my right leg before I am sick for that tomorrow evening. The details of that may or may not follow later Monday evening or Tuesday. I have a few wedding related items to tend to tonight before the debauchery begins tomorrow. It is a small group of us but we create enough trouble that most would think we belonged to some sort of drunken fraternity not unlike the guys from Animal House.

In other unrelated news, Bush mad an acceptance speech last night which I conveniently missed. With better things to do, (sticking my head in a boiling vat of asphalt) I really wouldn't say I missed it. I did, however, find some reaction to the weeks proceedings which come from Slate. I am unsure if they area overly biased but these are observations and opinions from Slate users so who's to say...

The second story I happened upon pertains to what Bush will try to get right if he buys, er... um.. STEALS another four years in office.

I am beginning to think that with the third story, entitled "Lies, Damned Lies, and Convention Speeches", that maybe Slate is a balanced source of reading material or even news. Fair and Balanced might be a good catch phrase but I believe some communist cable news channel already has that one wrapped up.

Enjoy the three-day weekend and have fun not watching TV. Enjoy the outdoors or spend time with family and friends. Oh, hell, don't even bother reading any other blogs. You found this one, what could POSSIBLY be better?

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