Thursday, September 16, 2004

Last post as a single man

I could ramble on about losing my independence but that is just a myth. If you keep true to what you believe in and who you are without becoming a watered down version of your former self, you will still be that same person with the same values you had many years before.

I have realized that my priorities have changed somewhat in the years since high school but not much more than anyone I know. I have a decent paying full time job which pays the bills and uses my college education. I remember that being a goal and playing a part in why I ultimately attended college - albeit for a minimal amount of time. I come home after a day of work to a roof over my head and comfortable surroundings. I remember saying that after college, I would buy a house. Well technically I am still in that time after college (6 years removed) so in the next few months that search will begin as a married couple. It should be interesting to see where our differing views lead us. I would be happy with existing or new construction but have many ideas in my head of what I want. Maybe they are different from Mary's, maybe they are not. We'll work on things if they are different.

As I said at the end of this week's seven part recollection of the past, I didn't picture myself being married before I was 30. I think that due in part to my being laxed in the dating scene. I found someone who I fell in love with nearly the moment I first saw her and that changed things. It probably wasn't love right off the bat, more like lust because we all know love at first sight is a myth, much like losing one's independence.

There you have it, the culmination of 7 years after graduation from high school and like a number of classmates whose names I have seen appear in my hometown newspaper's engagement announcements, I am not alone. It seems like the right time. Three years after many have graduated from a four year college. Having a steady and dependable job helps. Being 25 years old is another factor. By the time I am 30, I will have too many gray hairs. In the back of my mind, maybe that played a part in getitng married. I wouldn't call it settling down. I never want to "settle down". That sounds like the typical couple down the road that sits on the same side of the booth in a restaurant and does literally everything together. The couple that is always smiling and has never had an argument. Something far beyond a TV sitcom couple.

Don't worry - I will always have emotions. Emotions that will sometimes overflow into unhappiness. Face it, it happens. But for the most part, we'll be happy as a couple. Saturday afternoon I will be married.

Due to that simple fact, I may be absent from here for a while but I'll report back with some details and this site will return to its former self soon after. I'll have a great weekend and I hope you will too.

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