Thursday, September 30, 2004

Down with the Electoral College

The headline on Slate reads DON'T VOTE.

The story below that headline explains why your vote doesn't matter.

The problem lies in the Electoral College.

The Electoral College makes the popular vote useless. All a presidential candidate has to do is win a few large states - as we found out in 2000 even without the majority of the popular vote - and he's in.

It is time to abolish this inner circle of the powerful and elite and return the voting power to the people of this country who vote.

Enough with the tricks, striking criminals and minorities from the voter registration manifests. It's time to return to the way voting was meant to be. It used to mean something. It used to be a time to show your pride and determination, a way to back your candidate. Now it is little more than an exercise in frustration with registering only to find your name not on the lists at the polling places, excessively long lines and corresponding waits, extensive regulations, possibly hacked electronic voting machines, no paper trails to back up the former, confusing ballots which differ from precinct to precinct.

Simplify. If we confuse even the educated among us, we all lose.

Educate. Simplify. Create a system where EACH VOTE COUNTS. Only then will we feel like we have power in choosing elected officials.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The electoral college is a joke.
Just like michigan seems to always go Democrat so why should I vote? My vote will not count because of the Electoral college!