Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dick Cheney: failure

Rolling Stone had a great article on the failures of Dick Cheney. It all started in the mid-60's when he received five deferments during the height of the draft during the Vietnam War.

The article covers his foray into politics during the Ford administration as an advisor. Ford wasn't in office much longer.

He resurfaced during the senior of the Bush family's presidency. You'll recall that he wasn't elected to a second term.

From his failed attempt at Yale in the 60's to the fall of Haliburton's stock price under the "leadership" of Cheney it is clear that this man can single-handedly bring down George W. Bush if only America wakes up and realizes the mistakes that this man along with Karl Rove and Bush himself have made.

Wake up people! Vote for someone who hasn't yet ruined the country and turned our friends into enemies!

Vote Kerry/Edwards!

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