Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The details trickle in

My homeland is under water.

Well, portions, anyhow. It's hard finding much news other than a few reports from TV stations nearly as far away as I am myself. I just browsed the offerings from Mankato where they reported damage across a line of four counties from Martin to Mower county, all along the Iowa border.

What I really want are some pictures so I can post them here. My mom, as I said in an earlier post, gave me a few details this morning but had no camera with her. My dad is sure to have tales to tell as he is involved in road maintenance in the area as well as his full-time farming gig. It's going to be an interesting month as that is when harvest routinely begins. The weather sure has been brutal to them this year. They have likely had twice as much rain as the Twin Cities has received just 100 miles north of their farm.

It can only get better for them.

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