Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A depressing number

I have a friend, Army Guy, whose likely likely departure date for Iraq is approximately two weeks after he receives a two-week leave in mid-October. It's sad to know that he is heading to a country where our leaders still think some sort of total victory is possible. Did we win in Vietnam? Did we oust Saddam when we invaded Iraq in the early 90's? Have we brought peace and stability to Iraq in 2003-04?

By my count, that's three resounding NOs!

Another count really brings things into perspective about this ill-fated war. The fact that today, we crossed the line of
1,000 American military lives lost in Iraq since the onset of the invasion in February 2003.

I know people there. These are people I went to school with. These are friends of mine. These soldiers are the future leaders, fathers and businessmen of our country. This needs to come to a sensible and rapid end. Let's close the book on this and remember that this whole worldwide aggression was started in an effort to end terrorism. It was started to find Osama Bin Laden. Last time I checked, he has
no ties to Iraq.

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