Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Anyone have a snorkel handy?

It has been raining in my hometown. It's been raining ALOT. I just talked with my mom on the way to work today and they have had nearly 8 inches of rain since early Tuesday. Roads have vanished and schools are closed. Even the major freeway and other heavily traveled highways are closed.

We have had significantly less precipitation 'round these parts but around here we actually need a good soaking rain. So far about 2-3 inches, could use a couple more as we are behind about 5 inches for the year. Not nearly as bad as last year but the weather here is extremely finnicky. Maybe we'll have a real winter this year. Not some half-assed, wannabe winter like so many in the recent past.

Let's hope there are still crops left in southern Minnesota after these significant storms. 8 inches is alot of rain in a couple days. Farming is the backbone of this state's economy. If they sink, so do we.

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