Monday, September 13, 2004

and reminsicing ...Part 6

Let's get things moving as we barrel on into the depths of Part 6. It picks up on Monday as I headed back to work and the questions of co-workers... or so I thought. If you haven't read from the beginning, now's great time to get a start on that.

I woke up as normal as ever on Monday morning. I rolled out of bed, tired as usual, around 6:30 AM in an effort to get to work sometime in the 7 AM hour. I threw on clothes, warmed up the car, ate some cereal and chased it with orange juice.

It wasn't too long after I was at work when someone said they had missed me at Friday night's party. I replied by saying that I simply wasn't in the mood.

Things stayed at that. My boss brought in the gift that I wold have gotten Friday night. I remember still today that it was a pair of musical socks. It somehow pertained to a questionnaire which I had filled out a few weeks earlier for the Holiday party. I'm not quite sure what I wrote down to get those socks but I still have them in a drawer today.

Work went on nearly as usual and so did the week. I got back into my old routines and made my life the same as it had been a few weeks ago. One day a friend called me up for lunch. A sort of holiday get-together being we saw each other considerably less than we used to. It was decided that we would draw names to exchange Christmas gifts which would take place at the New Year's Eve Party, conveniently held on New Year's Eve.

Christmas came and went as usual. I spent the day with my parents as we ate and opened gifts. I still remember it being cold. Very cold. And snowy. Large piles of continually drifting snow which seemed like they would never melt.

Before I knew it, New Year's Eve rolled around. I went with Softball Player Guy to grab a meal that evening before we headed to the party. We ate at Applebee's but moods were soured, albeit briefly, as we were seated and saw Softball Player Guy's Ex and Busty Blonde leaving. We were greeted with glares that could have made a rhinocerous keel over. We made the best of it and ate our food and drank our drinks.

The bill was taken care of and we left to get to the party. A New Year's Eve party on a Sunday night seemed odd at best but we simply grabbed whatever liquor we could get our hands on and made our way to the party. I was happy inside as this one girl in particular was going to be there. I had mentioned her in one of the earlier stories as a girl I had grown to like. I was happy and Softball Player Guy was beginning to get happier too. The large amounts of liquor we consumed in a rather short time probably aided our happiness.

And we drank. We drank alot that evening. The house was packed and good times were had. I made an ass out of myself more than once and for that night, everything was cool. I mingled with total strangers as I had known them for years. The music was loud and we were all back to the people we once were. I even thought about showing my feeling for this girl I liked that night. Instead, I drunkenly pushed her - into the beer-can-decorated Christmas tree.

A few days later, after finding just where my car was (another story for another time) three of us guys; Myself, Grocery Guy and Softball Player Guy took a short tirip. We desperately wanted to escape. The weather, the monotony, the people, the boredom... everything. We went to Kansas City. Then we went to Denver. Onward to Omaha. Through Des Moines for the second time and back home.

We got to know each other better. We had fun doing that. We drove... ALOT. All in all, we came back. We remembered we missed what we had left to escpae for that long weekend. We missed everything about home. Even if home didn't have an amazing hotel (Omaha), Arby's (damn near everywhere) or mountains (Denver).

Once again, we returned to normal. Normal meant that we would spend time together, mainly on the weekends. Normal meant having small get-togethers. It meant meeting for lunch or supper. Normal was home. It was home because it was normal. It was normal because it was home.

I began to spend more time on the weekends at the house where this mystery girl lived. I stayed after the rest of the guests and friends had left. We talked for hours about anything that would come up. I figured that by this time, having not made any sort of move since we met that past summer, I had no chance. I took things as they seemed. I accepted this as a friendship and I was happy.

I was also happy because in the next few weeks the drama from December would come to an end. It ended on a warmer than usual March night. Four of us were hanging out at my apartment when one received a call. She quickly left to go to Drafting Guy's house. He was drunk, angry and Busty Blonde was scared of what he might do next. Not that she needed to be scared as she had many times previous kicked his ass quite handily.

So we went over to his house in two separate cars. Three people went inside. I stayed leaning against the car. Soon Busty Blonde came outside crying and oddly, the first thing she did was come to me and apologize. She said she was sorry and had really screwed up. I had gotten over the whole mess of events and told her not to worry and that it was in the past. It was time to move on. I made my way inside to make amends with Drafting Guy next. He was a harder one to crack but by the end of the night, we had things ironed out. It felt good.

Things were back to normal but you can never go back to the way things used to be. Things are different to this day on that front but maybe it was meant to be. Things evened out down the road but I made do for the time being.

Winter turned to spring and little changed. I continued spending time with friends in various surroundings. I even threw one big party at my apartment as I had decided to move at the end of May. Amazingly, everyone I hoped would show up did. A few were missing but time with them would be spent down the road.

I had made the decision that at the end of May I would be moving in with a new friend of mine, Electronics Tech Guy. It happened that his two roommates were moving home at the end of the month and I needed to spend less money on rent and he needed extra money. It all worked out for us.

The only problem was that one of his roommates was this mystery girl I keep referring to that I had feelings for. I had lost this battle.

Did you enjoy Part 6? The way I see things, I have one more piece to this puzzle. You'll catch that one tomorrow. You'll enjoy it, too! Or else I'll make your knees bend both ways via some convincing with a lead pipe. Enjoy the story.

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