Tuesday, September 14, 2004

and reminiscing ...Part 7

Welcome to the seventh and final piece to the puzzle which began in October of 2000. The setting for this story is late May of 2001. I warn you ahead of time that this final piece will spoil Parts 1-6. To avoid all disappointment, click on over to Part 1 and read things in succession. You'll achieve the ultimate level of happiness by doing so...

The girl I had my eye on for the better part of a year (since the previous July) was moving home. I had learned through many hours of conversations that her home was on a farm near the Twin Cities in some small town I had never heard of.

My spirits were raised when she returned one weekend afternoon to pick up some things she had left behind upon moving. I was now living where she had and in usual Saturday afternoon style, we were camped out in the living room eating supper and beginning plans for the evening.

My thourough friends and myself worked on convincing her to come camping with us in July. She said she'd think about it. I was happy with that statement alone.

The weeks passed and so did my increasingly pointless weekends. I lacked direction which I thought I would achieve by searching for a new job earlier in the year. I hadn't receive any responses from the distant locations I had applied to.

I wasted away my weekends doing nothing in particular but I made the best of things. I had fun doing nothing. It was summer, I was single and I was surrounded by friends.

Before I knew it, we had reached the week of our annual camping trip. We packed our things and made our way to Wisconsin for a weekend of tubing, partying and consumption of alcohol.

Friday afternoon, one day after the majority of us had come, she showed up. This girl I had been happy with just by being friends with her. My meddling friends, I learned, were out to change that. They worked feverishly, without me knowing, to get the two of us together.

Saturday night, it all fell together. We sat by each other next to the fire. When it was decided to call it a night, we went to my tent together. We kissed. It was amazing. I was kissing this girl I had been interested in for a year.

We spent the night in my tent. The next morning, Softball Player Guy verbally counted the shoes outside my tent and announced to anyone who was listening that there were two pairs of shoes, not just one, outside my tent. That evil genius' plan had worked. With his help and the help of many of my friends, they had gotten the two of us together. After a year of listening to me ramble on about her, they figured out the best way to shut me up.

They got us together.

Before I knew, we were talking for an hour at a time on the phone. Two or three times a week we called each other. Eventually she made the trip back to my hometown to see me. In a short amount of time, I went to her house and spent the weekend.

It would be the first of many. I met her family and she met mine. We spent weekends together for over two years this way.

Then in February of 2003, I moved. We still spent weekends together but we were now only 30 minutes apart. We saw each other during the week a few times now.

In July of 2004, I asked her to marry me. She said yes. Almost immediately, we began planning the wedding.

That wedding happens in less than a week. This mystery girl's name, if you haven't already figured it out, is Mary.

It is amazing how life's little twists lead you down what could be literally hundreds of paths. I was stood up for one insignificant event and that drew me even close to my friends. My friends helped me achieve something I had been trying to do for a year. I worked to further my goal and moved closer to this girl who had caught my eye one Friday afternoon in June of 2000. This Saturday, September 18, 2004, we will be married. Looking back four years to September 2000, when I lived in a sprawling upstairs apartment in my hometown, I never could have imagined being married before I was thirty years old. I had never found someone who I was so attracted to both physically and emotionally. Sure, I had girlfriends and occassional romances through the years but this one was different. We connected.

From the first time we talked on one of those late nights at Electronics Tech Guy's house, we had so much in common. We had similar backgrounds and, eerily, were interested in the same career. We talked for hours about nothing in particular. Not too many woman have been able to do that for me. Maybe everything happens for a reason. Maybe I was just lucky and found that one in a million girl. Who cares which one it is? In five days we'll be married.

I hope you enjoyed this seven part series which ultimately covered nearly four years of portions of my life. Looking back from where things stand now, I am glad it all happened. I hope that someday I can post something like this again. Until that time, it will be back to my usual ramblings, observations, news and thoughts on a daily basis. It all goes back to basics tomorrow. Best wishes until then.

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