Thursday, September 09, 2004

and reminiscing... Part 2

This is the second of three parts which details the trials and tribulations that were my life during the winter of 2000-2001. Keep up on things by reading the first part which begins, logically, at the beginning.

So, there I was. 5:45 PM sitting on the couch watching a rerun of some TV show I'd seen a dozen times before. Maybe I was watching Much Music or MTV2. Those details play no part in the story but merely serve as background on how I was calmly killing time.

I looked up at the clock as whatever I was watching on TV had ended, signaling the end of the hour. This meant that it was officially six o'clock. I fidgeted as I thought to myself that I had told Busty Blonde somewhere between 6 and 6:30 as the social hour part of the evening ran from 6 to 7 PM.

About 10 minutes later I darted outside again to shut my car off as it was warm enough by now. I ran back inside to spend more quality time in front of my trusty TV. it was closing in on 6:30 as the rerun I was currently watching came to an end. I was getting antsy but wasn't worried as I could truly care less about socializing with the majority of my co-workers.

I continued my TV watching, but after 15 minutes I decided to make my way to the kitchen past my festively decorated Christmas tree (which Busty Blonde helped to decorate) in the corner of the living room to give her a call. I got her voicemail after four rings and left a polite message. I assumed she must have gotten held up later than usual somewhere so I, being ever so optimistic, bolted outside to fire up the car to keep it somewhat warm.

As the clock rolled around to 7 PM, I began to become less optimistic. My mind began to race with the possibilities of where she could be. I figured we could at least catch the entertainment portion of the evening and salvage something out of this night.

Around 7:15, after shutting my car off again, I called her good friend who was at work to ask if she had heard from her. She replied that she hadn't seen Busty Blonde since they had lunch but she said she'd try calling her cell phone and get back to me. Just minutes later Busty Blonde's friend called back with the answer I already expected to hear - no luck.

By this point, around 7:30, I was beginning to lose hope. I was not worrying about where she was or if something had happened, I was angry about her tardiness.

I had a sneaking suspicion where she might be but I put that in the back of my mind for now. Within five minutes, the suspicion was back and I acted on it.

I meandered out my door as the cold air stung with each breath I took and down the sidewalk to my frigid car as I felt the anger inside of me. I had felt this before but never quite this intense. As adults, we are supposed to be more responsible. This is like something you only see on TV. I had now accepted the fact that I had been stood up. Getting into the car, I went in search of an answer which I already knew. The question being where exactly Busty Blonde was. I immediately drove to the section of town where Drafting Guy, her (ex? boyfriend and my good friend) lived. Sure enough, as I skidded around the icy corner, her car was in his driveway. Never before had a white Ford Tempo made me so angry.

I knew that for some reason, either she had made a conscious decision to reconcile their relationship that exact night or he knew (via her friend) that we were supposed to go to that Christmas party. Either way, I saw it as two people had just screwed me over like I had never been screwed over before.

Upon arriving home and slamming doors behind me, I simply screamed. Looking back, I must have made my neighbors wonder just how stable of an individual I was. I then took it upon myself to hurl my keys at the wall. This action left a ding in the sheetrocked wall and also broke the keyless entry remote for my car. Now angry and with a broken remote, I crawled around the floor to pick up the pieces and reassemble it. My anger had now broken something. I realized that throwing the keys fixed nothing but I was still over how this evening was transpiring.

My anger would only escalate as soon I got a call that registered the number where her friend works. It was a couple of mutual (at the time) friends who, just like me, were wondering where Busty Blonde was. They said that she had made plans to do something with them for Friday night. I told them that Busty Blonde had told me the same thing but she had ditched both plans in favor of her (ex) boyfriend. I told them this fact and they consoled me by asking if I wanted to go get high with them like we had all done so many weekends before. I declined.

Minutes later, around 8:30 now, my phone rang with a number on the caller ID which I did not recognize. I answered it only to find a co-worker on the other end asking what had happened. She wanted me to come out as they would be hitting the bar attached to the same building the party was being held in. I told her that I was in no mood to do anything at all and said I really didn't care to explain it right now. She again asked and, in a monotone voice, I again declined.

For the third part of this detailed recollection of my tales of the winter of 2000-2001, check back soon. I know I had said there were only going to be three parts but as my lengthy details ensue, it's looking like there could be four, possibly more.

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