Monday, September 27, 2004

An amazing weekend

The weather this weekend was spectacular. It lead us to take off as early as possible on Saturday to complete tasks and have fun all in one fell swoop.

The bikes were loaded and we hit the road to spend our gift card at Kohl's on nothing more than a variety of picture frames.

The second part of the day would be biking on the northeast side of the Twin Cities. Starting in Maplewood or North St. Paul we rode a total of 10 miles while I worried about my camera and car parked in a parking lot where a sign warns of vandalism and break-ins saying to park at your own risk.

We returned to the car after a 10-mile ride and found everything safe even with my Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker which I thought might ensue acts of violence from fervent Republicans.

From there it was a meandering trip towards Stillwater to explore the plethora of antiques and my hopes of snapping some river photos with some colorful trees to boot.

The only problem was that after we ate supper at The Mad Capper bar and restaurant, the temperature had dropped and the wife was too cold to tolerate me taking much in the way of pictures. I hurriedly snapped a few and we made our way back to the 'burbs to watch Star Wars: A New Hope on DVD. It was all I had dreamt of and more. Well worth the price of the DVDs.

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