Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Yea, that was me

My claim to anonymous fame struck early this afternoon. I beleive it was around the latter parts of the two o'clock hour while I was taking a break from the tediously boring choice of music in the Twin Cities and flipped the band selector to the AM side and hit preset number five. That tunes my stereo to AM 1530 KSMM in Shakopee. I know what the lineup is on that station as I have listened since the time when their programming was on 1330 WMNN (Now the holy grail of catholic programming using WLOL as call letters).

The talk show I like most was on, The Ed Schultz Show. He was talking of the rising costs of health care and the possibility of a public system which would remove at least some of the waste that occurs with the privatized system now in place. I quickly found the show's website and fired off an e-mail explaining how in the past two years with my current employer, the premiums have risen 25% both years. Counter that with the paltry 2% raise I received last year and do the math. I am currently uninsured.

Big Eddie read my (anonymous) e-mail although I would have been more than fine to have this gutsy North Dakotan include my name (first or full) because I support him. I support this station. I support and believe in what the personalities on that station believe in. They are everyday people who have normal lives. They are not like some other talk show hosts who are addicted to Oxycontin and divorcing their wife.

Wow, today's been a rather political day. I promise to be back to my normal, off-kilter self tomorrow.

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