Monday, August 02, 2004

So what?

Yeah, I did it. Sure I said I wouldn't but I did it anyway. I have preached against it from the beginning and now I am back-pedalling.

It went down last (Sunday) night. I was sprawled out on my couch after an arduous day. Remote perched on top of my chest with the A/C on high. The channel on the TV was tuned to - GASP - the local ABC affiliate. I felt almost dirty as I continued on with something I have been so adimantly against in the past. Being too lazy to simply change the channel by using the remote on my chest, I rolled the proverbial dice and took a chance with whatever crap they forced on their viewers next.

Only it wasn't crap. It started out with a hip, young, modern family-style drama. The images were sharp and vibrant, the photographic style SCREAMED cutting edge, there was even the voice of a narrator who is also the character playing the teenage son of this family.

There were, of course, issues presented in the show. Being a family-style drama, I expected them to be forced down my throat. Much to my surprise, they weren't. It was the type of show, though, that required you to watch each episode. Being new to it, I thought I would be lost as the first segment began with the infamous "Last time..." opening common to such shows.

I wasn't lost. I am still in the dark on a few of the show's plot lines but these are "The Days" worth living. Yea, they even stole that song which you may remember from a few years back.

Give it a shot as it isn't anything like the ABC lineup from Tuesday, Wednesday or TGIF. Nope, not cookie-cutter in nature whatsoever. It is nice to catch something different on TV. It's just the ticket if you are sick of reality shows or the same-old, stale, we're edgy but not too edgy comedies that seem to clutter the airwaves.

It's ABC we're talking about, though. So that means you better catch it now before they banish it from their mousekateer lineup in favor of another season of "Making the Mickey Mouse Club".

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