Tuesday, August 03, 2004

So I procrastinated

It happens every now and then. I get sidetracked and get on a roll with a project and let things slide. Tonight, I began sorting through stacks of my work from the past months (newspapers) and some things got neglected.

Take, for instance, the basket of laundry (whites) which were dry by 7:30 but still ended up in a pile on giganto (my bed's name, because it's so damn tall and forboding). I just got back from taking out garbage and recyclables (some of which were generated from the newspaper sorting). I could have taken out my garbage earlier but it would have interfered with my 7:00 PM supper from which I am still considerably hungry.

While I sorted newspapers (not quickly, though) I glanced up periodically at the TV which I kept tuned to the same station for the better portion (2 hours) of the evening. After the WB family drama "Summerland" was a local show called "Gimme the Mike" (think American Idol with fewer production values) hosted by a woman who I have never heard of before and local radio personality Dez from KS 95 interviewing the performers before they hit the stage.

If there was one plus to be found during this show loosely based on both "Star Search" and "American Idol", it's the simple fact that Dez is easy on the eyes. That phrase is courtesy of a former co-worker who used it to describe country performer Shania Twain.

Again, I procrastinated. I left things for later which could have and should have been done earlier. I do the same thing at work. I have a number of projects to choose from on a daily basis but begin with what may be easiest or most interesting. It's problem. It even keeps me up late - but only tonight because I procrastinated and had to tell you about it.

See, it kept me from something else important, going to bed.

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