Thursday, August 05, 2004

A slice of Meatloaf, please

Is American Idol so desperate to keep viewers interested that they need to change the format of things?

I heard recently that they have changed the age limits so as to discourage younger participants. Probably an effort to qualify as a more legitimate star-maker than a show such as Star Search. In only allowing its participants to be above 16 (I believe, maybe 18 though) they have the upper hand now as something more professional than the aforementioned Star Search.

I also heard via reliable sources on KS95 this afternoon that American Idol is adding one more celebrity judge. How does Meatloaf sound for the job? No? How about David Lee Roth? Either one would be an interesting addition to the politeness of Paula Abdul, the "Way to go dog" of Randy Jackson and the general assholish-ness of Simon Cowell.

If Meatloaf gets added, I might watch a couple of the next season's episodes.

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