Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Revelations 1:1-3

So I feel a little bit bad about the last post regarding feelings towards Softball Player Guy. He is a busy guy who, until recently, had been working two jobs due to the fact that he and his fiancee purchased a house a few months back and he will be starting college in the upcoming weeks. I can understand his delay in firming up a date for the drunken party.

I am looking as forward to anything that a guy who has not a moment of free time during daylight hours can have. Who would have thought that working so much AND planning the finishing touches of a wedding could take such a toll on one's outlook? I know that getting away this coming weekend will be a great help and will also be the last (somewhat) free weekend before the wedding day. I will also get to hang out with my friends who I have seen far too few times this year. We shall drink beer and be drunk. And we'll eat some BBQ.

Only a few more weeks of ten hour days sitting in front of, guess what, a computer monitor as we wrap up "the busy season" at the office. I will probably appreciate the hours once I see the next paycheck, that will make it all seem worthwhile. Plus I'll have alot of additional material and bragging rights when I decide to shop myself about for my next career move. In the career move department, I have realized it's not so much of a decision of if I will look, it's become the matter of when...

I have become painfully aware that in a company where there is little chance for internal advancement, one must look elsewhere. There is also this cold, hard fact that I have known for years... to make a monetary advancement which may actually keep pace with the rising cost of EVERYTHING, a move to a new employer is necessary approximately every three years. Barring any sudden wage changes at the current job, I will spend the post-marriage months perusing the region's employment market - even considering moving away from the Twin Cities.

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