Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A partying we will go

I just received the e-mail informing me of when my bachelor party will be. Unlike one of the groomsmen in my wedding who celebrated his own last year towards the end of September, mine received far less planning and is on a different weekend than the bride's bachelorette party. This upsets her as we have alot of the small things left to do for our wedding and apparently need every last weekend to accomplish these tasks.

Her's would have likely been on the same weekend as mine will be but her sister was originally going to be out of town that given weekend and the date was pushed back a week to accomodate something which is no longer a problem.

For the sake of convenience, I would rather have both events the same weekend but with everyone's busy lives, lack of communication and unwillingness of Softball Player Guy to, God forbid, take a weekend off from his job, we are now stuck with this situation.

I am not one to complain but knowing a little further ahead would have at least shown some thought. I can already sense that it will be typical bachelor party events for the night. Food, beer, titties... repeat. Not that I have a single thing wrong with ANY of those items.

I'll know what really went down Labor Day weekend. Maybe you'll know then too.

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