Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's called apathy

Why is it that during the Great Minnesota Get-together, so few of our local radio stations are there? Oh sure, most have some sort of presence there but only a handful are actually broadcasting from there.

Yesterday afternoon as I flipped the preset to 93X, I heard Remy Maxwell (2-7 PM) explain that he wasn't going to deal with traffic to broadcast from the fair. Sister station Drive 105 has hardly mentioned that the fair is in existence. They have only said to visit their booth at the fair to buy some poor quality t-shirt sporting their logo.

Of all the stations in the Twin Cities, KFAN (1130 AM) seems to broadcast their sports-talk all day live at the fair. Their corporate sibling, KDWB (101.3 FM) has the majority of their day broadcast live from the fairgrounds. Hell, even little B96 (96.3 FM) is blazing 100% hip-hop and R & B from the fair and at night, is putting on one hell of a show as Big Tyme rips the shit out of KDWB night guy Wes McKane on a regular basis.

That almost makes for a better story than stations at the fair. The fight that B96 is putting on against KDWB - or as 96 calls them - KD Wanna Be. Here's the background. KDWB has been around as an FM hit machine since the early 70's when they were locally owned and known as U-100 WYOO. They played rock music for a while and eventually landed as Top 40 by the early 80's and have stuck there since then along with the KDWB call letters. B96 debuted in June of 2000 and has been playing what KDWB is evolving into, Hip Hop and R & B, This seems to have pissed KDWB off a bit. B96 plays the role of the brash newcomer. KDWB is the established veteran. Add the fiery, anything goes spirit of B96's newest on-air personality, Big Tyme, and there's a battle.

Big Tyme's a damn loose cannon. He has a temper and it shows on the air. I have yet to hear one of his famed complete explosions but when he does, I hope I am listening because that sort of thing is priceless. On the other hand, the cities need a real "character" on the FM airwaves and he fits the bill. From what I have read, he is about as close to some of the DJ's of the 70's on the forerunner to KDWB. He also has a criminal record which could, at any time, come back to haunt him...

check out this website www.hcso.tampa.fl.us go to inquiries on line, then arrest inquiry, then inquire by name- put in Name: Jones Jason, Race: W, Sex:M you will find him

I wish all the best to B96 and their staff which includes two former KDWB DJs (Zannie K & Tone E Fly) in their efforts to kick the crap out of Clear Channel's cash cow on 101.3.

B96 sounds good at the fair too. I heard Zannie and the 5 o'clock flava mix after leaving work tonight. Kickin' ass but you can tell the station's still young. Give them a couple years - it should be interesting being those two station seem to be the only music stations broadcasting live from the state fair all day.

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