Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It all helps

In the planning for a wedding, being unbelievably busy comes with the territory. This past weekend bore witness to that fact as I experienced a rather small wedding in comparison to the one we are working on.

Thing are, however, coming together. We will soon meet with someone from the reception hall in a rather quaint small town with the typical small town charm complete with tree lined streets, a real downtown, a main street and a rather new hotel to house the out-of-town guests.

We will soon know what type of cake will be served. I am leaning towards lemon or marble with sweet frosting. Unknown, as of yet, s the size, style and specifics of said cake.

Plans need to firmed up yet with our photographer so all flows smoothly and we get the hundreds of pictures we desire. We also have the chore of meeting one time with the church to see who will ultimately perform the ceremony.

It all is coming down to the wire and I am feeling the effects of cramming too much into a day coupled with the fact that work days as of late have begun with me leaving for work at 7:45 AM and not returning until sometime in the 6 PM hour. It makes for a long day. Nothing out of the ordinary for much of America, though.

With that said, my rest is important and I will end this quick post here.

Feel free to contribute to the wedding fund below at the very bottom of the page. Every dollar counts and remember it is much appreciated. All someone has to do is get the ball rolling and contribute.

No, this is not begging. Begging involves a hat or metal cup.

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