Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gimme the loot

My big, earth shattering question today is this... what exactly is Liquid Loot? I am not too keen on reading things in their entirety so I could read the twelve packs of pop which I purchased a couple weeks back or I could ponder the question here. Obviously I have chosen to go with my second option.

I eagerly unpacked the many cans of sugary goodness to reclaim valuable storage space and to see what awaited me inside the cardboard packages. What I found inside, after looking for a few seconds, was a code which apparently needs to be entered into some designated space on the Liquid Loot website. Easy enough, I thought.

At my leisure which has been lacking lately, I surfed over to the aforementioned website to enter the codes. It ties in, I found, with Ebay somehow so I entered my Ebay information. I clicked again only to receive an error page instead of a page to enter my Loot information. This irked me but not enough to get under my skin.

In a moment of cleanliness tonight, I noticed the empty 12-pack containers in my office and remembered why they were there. They have little codes which may or may not translate into Loot. Liquid Loot. (Whatever the hell that is.)

I returned to the website only to end with the same results. What a success this promotion must be for the bastard-brands of the soda universe. Keep in mind that the brands participating in this promotion are the likes of 7-Up, Sunkist and Welch's. Not exactly considered heavy hitters in the carbonated beverage galaxy.

My question the the three or four readers is this... has anyone successfully - either now or in the past - redeemed their codes for Loot? How does it work? What do you get? Is it worth it? No, I will not simply read the package, I will wait for an answer... patiently.

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