Monday, August 02, 2004

Four stars

On Friday night, I paid the ghastly price of $16 for two tickets to see "The Village". It was worth $20.

M. Night Shyamalan wrote an excellent movie. It keeps the viewer guessing from the first scene when "Thos We Do Not Speak Of" are mentioned. Upon first seeing the eerie red cape complete with hood, you tend to jump. Throughout the movie, the simplicity of this town bewilders the viewers.

How could this town instill such simple and innocent virtues after hearing the stories of why its elders decided to leave everything behind to begin this village? Soon, the color red is displayed and is explained as the bad color. It is the color of lust, greed, blood and is said to draw the creatures into the village. To appease the creatures who live in Covington's Woods, the villagers offer up meat and display the "Safe Color" of yellow when venturing near the woods.

Soon, though, sounds are heard and creatures are spotted as it appears someone has entered the woods, upsetting the creatures who reside there.

In one scene depicting just what lust and jealousy are capable of, the story takes a turn in which one villager must venture to the towns or lose someone they cherish. I won't give things away but this film could be described as a theatrical version of the USA Patriot Act.

It shows quite nicely what happens when people are ruled by fear. In this case, it is fear of what may be. Not fear of the unknown but fear of what others tell them. Much like how people fear terrorism. It hasn't happened for nearly three years on our own soil but after the warnings this weekend, people are again fearful. The movie finishes by telling the people of the village that the legend lives on. See it and find out for yourself.

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